About the Island

In the cliffs deep down the waters,
Between rocky Imroz and Tenedos
Stands a cave; huge and howling
Home to Poseidon’s horses, ground was shaking.

Let off the carriage, before them set godly baits,
Fettered them all with golden chains,
Those rock solid chains were inextricable,
Only way was to wait for master’s return helplessly,
Who marched towards the Achaeans army singlehandedly.

From the Iliad epic about the Trojan war – ILIAD XIII-33., HOMEROS

  • Gokceada, Turkey's largest island, is located on about 300 km2 area and has 95 km coastline length.
  • Located on the northwest of the Dardanelles, the island is surrounded by Semadirek Island to the north, Gallipoli Peninsula to the east, Limni Island to the southwest and Bozcaada to the south.
  • With its historical textures, mythology, stories and Greek villages, it is the only island in the world that has the title of “cittaslow” meaning “calm city”.
  • Located in North Aegean, Gokceada is located on the western tip of Turkey and is the last place where the sun sets.
  • It is home to Turkey's only Underwater National Park.
  • It is one of the rare places in the world where windsurfing and kitesurfing has been able to be practiced for almost 300 days.
  • Çanakkale 18 Mart University Vocational School is situated on the island.
  • There are 5 Greek villages on the island as the oldest settlements which are Bademli (Gliki) , Kaleköy (Kastro), Zeytinliköy (Aya Teodoroi), Tepeköy (Agridia), Dereköy (Shinudi) ve Merkez (Panaghia).
  • The centuries-old grand plane trees in these village centers are protected on the Unesco world heritage list.
  • The new settlement villages are Yeni Bademli, Eşelek, Şahinkaya, Şirinköy and Uğurlu.
  • The Old Bath in the Island Center has been restored and used as a City Museum. Many works of the island's history can be seen here.
  • As the historical ruins, Paleokastro Tower near Dereköy and Pirgos Tower at Yuvalı Beach can be mentioned.
  • Although Gökçeada was under Ottoman rule for about 500 years, there is only 1 mosque, 4 laundries and 1 fountain left from the Ottoman Empire. All of these works made in the 1800s are located in the center of the island.
  • Free ovine breeeding and beekeeping are done. Goats and kids are naturally fed and roam freely. Bees collect their honey from the natural vegetation that is resistant to the wind of the island.
  • There is 1 salt lake and 2 fresh water dam lakes in the island. It is rich in water.
  • The dominant wind direction is northeast (euroclydon) and a long period of the year is windy. Thanks to the low humidity and wind, no matter how hot the summer days are, it is not overwhelming.


Aydıncık (Kefaloz) Beach, is where you can find the salt lake and surfing schools, together with 1200 mt. long fine and golden sand of Gökçeada.

A cute bay on the south coast of Gökçeada. 20 km away from Gökçeada center by car. There is a one-day facility in the bay. Here you can rent umbrellas, sunbeds or enjoy your meals. Most importantly, no matter how strong the north wind is, it does not affect Laz Bay, where the sea is always calm.

Yildizkoy is almost the only bay to swim in from the northern coast of the island. Since the dominant wind on the island is from the north, this place is generally breezy. However, the sea is calm in Yıldızkoy when the north wind is lightened or blown from the south.
Yıldızkoy is located in Gökçeada Underwater National Park. This is the only bay of the park where you can swim from land to sea. It is possible to reach the bay by car. There is also a renovated old chapel in the bay.

If you continue on the right side of the bay by walking up the path leading upwards, you can also see Mavi Bay, one of the other bays in the underwater park.

Kuzulimanı, where the ferry lands, has a long and wide beach. The daily facility here provides sunbeds-umbrellas and cafe-restaurant services. The beach in the east of the island is closed to southern winds, so when the southwester blows, the sea is very calm.

Hidden Port, which you will reach by passing through Uğurlu Village, welcomes you when you turn right from the fishing port. This is the last point you can go on the western end of the island. It is an idyllic bay with its sandy sand stretching in front of pine trees. Buffet and shower service is provided in the bay.

Facilities that belong to the ministries of Justice, Health and National Education are located in two beautiful bays called Yuvalı, on the southern shore of the island. Employees working in these offices spend their holidays here. As of 2018, only the Ministry of Justice is open, but they do not allow any external visitors. You can take advantage of the beach of the hotel located in Yuvalı bay.